Jakov’s Testimony on Medjugorje – “Dear Children, It is Enough to Open your Heart and I Will Do the Rest.”

Help for fasting on this Wednesday of the sixth week of Lent

Today, I wanted to share a talk given by the Visionary Jakov Colo. He was only 10 years old when the apparitions began. In this talk, he speaks about what he believes is most important for us to know and live. It is refreshing to hear his wisdom and to place Our Lady’s call to fast on this day within the context of her entire coming.
Let us, as always, pray for each other – asking for the grace to be
able to place ourselves into the hands of Our Lady and God, allowing
them to do the rest.

I pray you enjoy Jakov’s talk:


I’ve tried to write a few notes from his beautiful and inspiring talk:
The most important part is Our Lady’s messages
Live the messages as a child…
It is difficult to describe the love Our Lady has for us
How much you feel loved and protected
There are not enough words to describe it
…to have the joy and peace that I never felt before.

New life began for me
First question, how is it possible to live this new life?
Our Lady said:
“Dear Children,
It is enough to open your heart and I will do the rest.”
I realized at that moment, I could put my life into Mary’s hands, my heart into God’s hands and my new life started.

Through Our Lady I met Jesus.
This is the real reason Our Lady has come to bring us to Jesus

Don’t ask why.  God knows why. It is God’s plan.
We need to say something else, we need to say thanks.
We need to say thanks for all he gives to us and for giving Mary to us for so long.
You will understand that Mary is mother and she loves her children.
She wants to lead her to peace and joy – which is Jesus Christ.

Her messages are about how to recognize Him…
She invites us to pray.
Repeating, pray, pray, pray.
Pray with your heart. Feel the peace and joy in your heart.
Prayer is supposed to be our daily food.
Prayer is the answer to everything we ask for.

People come with many questions and ask us for answers.
If you open your heart and have a strong faith and prayer and God will do the rest.
Prayer should be the first place in our families.
Our Lady said, “Nothing can unite a family as praying together…”

So many people need us, but we don’t see them.
To be Christian we have to show in our faith.
Smile I believe each Christian has to show joy of being with God.
Our Lady asks us to be her witnesses…
so we have to have the joy on our faces.

You parents are the ones that have to put the roots of faith in your children. And one day if they go away they will come back, because they have the roots of faith in their heart.

At 13:15 he begins to talk about fasting:
Why to fast?
Many decide it’s difficult before they even start to fast.
“Dear Children, with prayer and fasting you can stop anything – even stop wars.”
That is why we fast.
We are looking for many answers, searching…
We know what we are to do, but we don’t do it.
To live in God is our strength.
And it is the answer to everything we are asking for.
Fasting is a very small sacrifice
How many people die because they’re hungry?

You do many things… without blessing.
Many times we are asking without God’s blessing
Then everything that we have is nothing….

Visiting Medjugorje:
The visionaries ordinary – we all want to be holy
There are signs all around us, we just don’t recognize them.
Each person here is a sign of God, but many times we don’t see them.
Conversion to change our life.
New life with God.
Even more important, is to bring that gift of conversion back home.

There is no coincidence.
The real pilgrimage starts when you come back home.
We have to be witnesses with our lives.
When others recognize God in us, it is the real example.
So many don’t believe in God. We can help them by our example and prayers.

Pray for peace in our hearts.
This world needs peace.
War – war isn’t only when you use a weapon.
How many young people are destroyed today?
How many abortions?
With our example and with prayer and fasting we can stop wars.

There is only one thing for us to do.
Open our heart to God and pray. The rest God will do.

Vicka and I pray for sick people.
I first pray for healing of hearts.
Sickness can be plan from God for us.
We can say, “God it might be your will.”
Our God is our Father. Who knows better than Him what we need?
We just need to place ourselves in God’s hands and let Him do the rest.

Open your heart to Our Lady.
“Dear Children,
If you knew how much I loved you, you would cry for you.”
How much do I love Our Lady?

Think about her thanking us at the end of each message…
we are supposed to be thanking her and God for all the graces they give to us.

Lastly, a wanted to share a video of one of Jakov’s annual Christmas apparitions:

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