Day 7 of The 39th Anniversary Novena to Our Lady The Queen of Peace

day: We pray for all the Medjugorje Prayer Groups and Centres in the Whole
I recently shared an article by Sister Emmanuel about the power of Medjugorje prayer groups, entitled:

Did You Know? Our Lady Tells Us Medjugorje Prayer Groups are More Powerful than a Nuclear Power Plant!

Here is an excerpt. Please see link for more:

“Dear children,
renew prayer in your families and form prayer groups. In this way, you
will experience joy in prayer and communion. All those who pray and are
members of prayer groups are open to God’s will in their hearts and
joyfully witness God’s love.” (Sept 25, 2000)

 “Prayer groups are powerful, and through them I can see that the Holy Spirit is at work in the world.” (June 25, 2004) 

than ever, these small prayer groups that are cropping up here and
there as fruits of Medjugorje (and from other good works of the Church)
are important, provided of course that they unite hearts. Our lady
strongly emphasizes unity among the members of a group, for then, she
says, such a group “is more powerful than a nuclear power plant.” (Message
to the prayer group) If these groups are humble and fervent, they form a
vital organ for the body of the Church. Invisible to the enemy, because
of their humility, they draw down great blessings on the world. From
the earliest years of the apparitions, Our
Lady has been willing to create her own prayer group in Medjugorje,
whom she led for 7 years. An exceptional event in the History of the

She also asked that a chapel of perpetual adoration be opened in each parish.

to some shocking statistics, the Catholic Church is the most persecuted
religious organization in the world today, This is why we have to seize
the right weapons, those given by Our Lady for the past 38 years, and
start defeating the enemy! …”
Knowing their power, may each of us consider answering Mary’s call to begin or be a part of a prayer group (knowing that the greatest prayer groups consist in our family praying together).  
Additionally, may we hold fast to our prayer groups amid the certain attacks that will come against them from the enemy, for satan longs to destroy all prayer – especially the “prayer of two or more gathered together in God’s name” – for the power that pours forth when we pray together is beyond what our minds can even comprehend.
1. Prayer to the Queen of Peace
Mary, Mother of God and Our Mother, Queen of Peace!
You came to us to lead us to God.
Obtain for us the grace not only to say:
“Be it done to me according to Your will!”, but to live it, as You did.
Your hands we put our hands, so that You may lead us to Him amidst
these afflictions and woes. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen. 
2. Veni Creator Spiritus 
Experience adoration and the singing of Veni Sancte Spiritus in Medjugorje 

Holy Spirit, Creator, come
best gift of God above,
the living spring, the living fire,
sweet unction and true love.

Who are called the Paraclete,
from Thy bright heavenly throne,
come, take possession of our souls,
and make them all Thine own.

who are sevenfold in Thy grace,
finger of God’s right hand,
His promise, teaching little ones
to speak and understand.

guide our minds with Thy blest light,
with love our hearts inflame;
and with Thy strength, which never decays,
confirm our mortal frame.

from us drive our deadly foe,
true peace unto us bring,
and through all perils lead us safe
beneath Thy sacred wing.

Thee may we the Father know,
through Thee the eternal Son,
and Thee the Spirit of them both,
thrice-blessed Three in One.

glory to the Father be,
with his co-equal Son:
the same to Thee, great Paraclete,
while endless ages run. Amen.


3. Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary
first video is a slide slow of music and images of the entire mysteries
of the Rosary found in Medjugorje. There are no words.

Texts for Meditation
said to his disciples: “Do to others whatever you would have them do to
you. This is the law and the prophets. Enter through the narrow gate; for the
gate is wide and the road broad that leads to destruction, and those who enter
through it are many. How narrow is the gate and constricted the road that leads
to life. And those who find it are few.”
(Mt 7,12-14)

children! I am calling you to that love which is loyal and pleasing to God.
Little children, love bears everything bitter and difficult for the sake of
Jesus who is love. Therefore, dear children, pray that God come to your aid,
not however according to your desire, but according to His love. Surrender
yourself to God so that He may hear you, console you and forgive everything
inside you which is a hindrance on the way of love. In this way God can move your
life, and you will grow in love. Dear children, glorify God with a hymn of love
so that God’s love may be able to grow in you day by day to its fullness. Thank
you for having responded to my call.”
(Message, June 25, 1988)

prayer the Holy Spirit unites us to the person of the only Son, in his
glorified humanity, through which and in which our filial prayer unites us in
the Church with the Mother of Jesus. Mary gave her consent in faith at the
Annunciation and maintained it without hesitation at the foot of the Cross.
Ever since, her motherhood has extended to the brothers and sisters of her Son
“who still journey on earth surrounded by dangers and difficulties.”
Jesus, the only mediator, is the way of our prayer; Mary, his mother and ours,
is wholly transparent to him: she “shows the way” (hodigitria), and
is herself “the Sign” of the way, according to the traditional
iconography of East and West.
(2673 2674)

4. The Litany of the Blessed Virgin

Concluding prayer:
is the sign of recognition to Your disciples, O Lord. We thank You for every
response of love given through service and gifts to others. We pray for all
members of the Medjugorje Prayer Groups and Centres in the whole world.
Together with Your Mother, may they more courageously and resolutely, within
their families and wherever they live, always show this narrow way, the only
one that leads to You. Help them to grow day by day in the fullness of Your
Love. Amen.

The Medjugorje Hymn

To the Mother and Queen of Peace

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We come to you, dearest Mother,

from all quarters, from all nations;

bringing to you all our troubles

ardent wishes, aspirations.

Look upon us and console us,

lay your gentle hands upon us;

intercede with Jesus for us,

Mother of Peace, do pray for us.

All the faithful look up to you,

you the lodestar of salvation;

cleanse, embrace us, we pray to you,

bless all in the congregation.

Bijakovo, Medjugorje,

little hamlets spread the story,

bearing witness to your beauty

to your name and to your glory.

For all your love, dearest Mother

all the wonders that we have seen,

we give to you solemn promise

to be better than we have been.

Complete Novena found here:
Biographies of Visionaries taken from Tekton Ministries Medjugorje Guide:

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