Matthew Leonard – writer. fighter. mitre. St Leo the Great

Each day we have the opportunity to enter more deeply into the minds of the greatest and holiest men and women of our Church that ever lived throughout the centuries of the Church’s existence.

We can do this by praying the official prayers of the Church, called the Divine Office or oftentimes the Breviary.   Each day, the Church  provides prayers that help the faithful enter more deeply into the mystery of the Mass and grow closer to God through prayer.  Each day, during the Office of Readings, the Church shares an amazing writing or teaching from a Church Father, the saint of the day, or from an ecumenical council.  It is typically only a page long, so it can readily be done by even the most busy of us.

Today we celebrate one of the greatest popes and saints of the Church — this the reason we call him great! Matthew Leonard shares with us some of his life in the video above, but you can also click on the Divine Office link above and go to the Office of Readings tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page to read more on St. Leo the Great yourself, by actually reading and praying with his own words and teaching.  

He has much to teach us even today.  Here is an excerpt taken from one of his teachings:

“Thus it is that God, by loving us, 
restores us to His image, 
and, in order that He may find in us the form of His goodness, 
He gives us that whereby we ourselves too may do the work that He does, 
kindling that is the lamps of our minds, 
and inflaming us with the fire of His love, 
that we may love not only Himself, 
but also whatever He loves.” 
Pope St. Leo the Great

St. Leo the Great, pray for us!!!  

Copyright 2014 Janet Moore

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