Mary of Nazareth – Beautiful DVD will be Released Today!

I wanted to share with you a beautiful movie about Mary that is being released today.  

Everyone I know that has seen the film has loved it.  I was able to show clips of the movie at a retreat I gave on the Holy Family and the those on the retreat were very touched and visibly moved.  My 14 year old daughter was likewise moved by the film — and commented on the how wonderfully the actress depicted Mary.  

Please treat yourself to this beautiful movie while also helping to promote uplifting and grace filled Catholic films.  

It is being offered by Ignatius Press and the DVD is available to purchase today

Check out the Mary of Nazareth Facebook page for more information.

A beautiful companion to the movie is a book that combines inspiring commentary and meditations by the very popular Marian priest, Fr. Donald Calloway, with over 65 lovely photos from the movie. It will be released on Nov. 4th. 

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