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The Apostolate of Priestly Consecration needs your help!

*The Apostolate of Priestly Consecration has non profit 501c3 status, so please know your contributions are tax deductible.

The Apostolate of Priestly Consecration is a full time ministry formed in the heart of Mary that relies completely on the providence of God. 

100% of your donations will help provide free pilgrimages, retreats, books and resources for priests and will support the full time efforts of sharing Mary’s providential place in God’s plan of salvation.

We are living in a time of UNFATHOMABLE grace, in which God is sending His Blessed Mother to us every day in order to save as many souls as possible.  May we respond to Our Mother, the Queen of Peace’s call, while there is still time. 

Support The Ministry

All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause. 
Help Support the Ministry by donating to The Apostolate of Priestly Consecration today! 
Reminder: Your donations are tax deductible.
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Don’t want to give online? You can also mail a donation to:

The Apostolate of Priestly Consecration
8918 W. 21st St. N., Suite 200, #150
Wichita, KS 67205-1880


…Dear children, when God calls men, it is really a great thing.  Think about how it would be sad to let pass those opportunities that God allows without taking them…”


“…God desires to convert ‘the entire world’ and to call it to salvation and to the way towards Himself, who is the beginning and the end of every being. In a special way, little children, from the depth of my heart, I call you all to open yourselves to this great grace that God gives you through my presence here…”

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